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The do-it-yourself alternative to commercial site builders like Wix, Squarespace & WebFlow. Build your site with hosting for free. is the do-it-yourself alternative to commercial site builders like Wix and Squarespace. Step-by-step, I'll show you how to build your site with hosting for free. Follow along with me!

— Daniel Kehoe

Own your website
Your code is stored on GitHub where storage is permanent, free, and yours forever.

Host for free
Deploy your website for free with hosting on Netlify, Vercel, or No recurring fees.

Coding optional
Use our templates as-is. Got basic code skills? Make any change you need; it's simple, standard HTML.

How it works

Choose a template

Try Yax Template

Select from a gallery of templates. For Try Yax we've selected a template for you. (Or see more templates at

In a hurry to get started? Try Yax now. Or go on to the next step for a walk through.

Step 1

Give a website title

Try Yax Step 1

Fill in the form with a project name and website title.

Step 2


Try Yax Step 2

Confirm your website details.

Step 3

Save to GitHub

Try Yax Step 3

Yax will save your files to GitHub where storage is permanent and free. From GitHub, you can deploy your website for free hosting at Netlify or Vercel or

Step 4


Try Yax Step 4

Authorize the hosting service to deploy your website from GitHub.

Step 5

Name the Website Repository

Try Yax Step 5

Belt and suspenders! Just an extra step to ensure Netlify creates a separate deployment repository for your website.

Step 6


Try Yax Step 6

Your website is deployed! Click the link to view your site.

Step 7

Log In to Edit

Try Yax Step 7

Your website is live! Log in to make edits.

Step 8

Thank You,

Try Yax Step 8

You've got a new website in just 8 steps, FREE, with no coding.

Want to customize your site? It's simple and standard HTML on GitHub. Check out the Yax Tutorials to see all you can do.

Step 9

Custom Domain (Optional)

Try Yax Step 9

Make it your own! Get a custom domain from the hosting service at no extra charge (just the usual annual fee from a domain registrar). We've got tutorials that show how.


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This is standard web technology, the same used by any skilled web developer. But at, I've bundled it so anyone can use it without coding. So why pay extra for a commercial site builder when you can do it yourself? Try the Yax Tutorials and check back often as we add more website templates!

— Daniel Kehoe

Saving website template to GitHub